Tips for Finding a Good Driver Training Class

5 May 2020
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Completing a good driver training class is one of the best ways for new drivers to learn the rules of the road and become safer when behind the wheel. If you have a new driver in your family, use these tips to find a good driver training class in your area.

Make Sure the Class Meets State Requirements

The driver training class that you enroll in should meet your state's specific minimum requirements so that it's approved by the DMV in your state. If you want additional training and practice, you can look for a class that exceeds your state's minimum requirements.

Most drivers have no problem finding a driving class that meets their state's minimum requirements, and any class that's offered in your state likely will be sufficient. If you live near a state border, though, your state and the adjacent one might have different minimum requirements. Some classes might meet the requirements of the neighboring state but not your state if the neighboring one has lower requirements. In this situation, make sure you choose a class that's approved by your particular state.

Look for a Program That Involves Parents

As beneficial as a driver training class can be, there's no substitute for good parent-child practice when a new driver is starting behind the wheel. As stressful as the initial phases of learning might be, working together from the start of the learning phase can help improve the new driver's learning while reducing arguments once training is over.

To make sure that both parents and the new driver are involved in the entire learning process, look for a program that encourages it. This may include a curriculum that has the students share what they're learning with their parents, facilitating at-home discussions about safety rules, or have out-of-class training with parents in the car.

Find an Insurance-Approved Class

In addition to finding a class that meets your state's minimum requirements, the class should also be approved by your auto insurance company. An approved class means that your new driver will get a discount on certain auto insurance coverage once they complete the course. The discount is often a percent off of the policy's premiums, and the savings can be quite significant for a new driver who has higher premiums.

You can easily find approved driver training classes in your area. Consider asking your insurance company for a list of courses near you.