Interesting Things About The Internet Of Years Ago

28 September 2020
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

The internet has an interesting history. The younger generation has been raised with a different internet environment than the environment others saw in the beginning stages of the internet. Those who were using computers in those early days have what have become inside jokes such as the dial-up sounds modems used to make or the ability to get your name as your email address; these are things the younger generation doesn't know about. Here are some of the things that you may find interesting about the history of the internet

Internet used to have fewer connectivity options

In the beginning, people used dial-up to connect to the internet. With dial-up, a person with one phone line would have to choose between whether they wanted to have use of their phone or be online, but they couldn't do both. If someone called your phone while you were online, then they would get a busy signal. Someone who wanted to do both would have two phone lines in their house. This allowed them to be online on one phone line while still being able to have the phone free and clear on the other phone line. Now, there are many ways to connect including cable, DSL, and more. 

Internet used to have more available email and usernames

At the start of the internet, fewer people were using computers connected to the internet. This meant that people had a better chance of getting an email of just their first and last names. However, as more people with that same name signed up for emails, people started needing to add more letters or numbers to their name to get an email of their name. As more email servers became available, more people signed up for email addresses, signed up for additional email addresses, or signed up with fictitious names. Now, popular sites can also have so many members that it's hard to find just about any word combination that makes sense to use as a username. 

The technology was far less impressive

If the younger generation were to jump on a computer in the beginning days of the internet, they would likely be shocked at the state of the technology back then. Even on the faster computers, websites with a lot of graphics tended to take a while to load on the screen. The graphics were also less impressive, much like how the older TV shows can't meet the impressive graphics of the newer shows.