Deciding Which SAT Subjects Are Right For You

2 January 2020
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

When you are a junior in high school, there are several SAT subjects that you can take tests for. The test scores you receive for certain subject areas may increase your odds of being accepted into college and there are some colleges that even require minimum SAT scores to admit a student.

Common Subjects

Subject tests measure your skill in certain areas. Common areas that are measured by an SAT test include math, English, U.S. history, Spanish, physics, and chemistry. You are able to take up to three SAT tests in one day.

If there is a particular subject that you're performing well in, it makes sense to choose that as one of the subjects to take a test in. You will also feel more relaxed when taking a test over a subject you feel confident in. 

University Requirements

Find out if there are specific subject areas that your university requires. It's common for universities to require high SAT scores in math, reading, and writing. You'll also want to take a test in a variety of subjects because very selective colleges typically want a student to have mastered a broad range of subject areas.

Even if a university does not require a high SAT score, they will sometimes use an SAT score for placement. For example, if you score high in the math portion of an SAT test, you may be able to skip the intro to Algebra class. By being able to skip courses, you can finish your major more quickly, choose electives you are more interested in, and also save more money by not having to pay for a course.

Practice Tests

Consider downloading free practice tests online and see how well you perform. If you keep performing well on a particular practice test, you might want to consider taking that one over a test for a different subject.

SAT Prep

If there is a particular subject that you would like to take an SAT test in, but you're not sure about your competency in that subject, you might want to consider working with an SAT prep tutor. These are tutors who are well-versed in the type of questions that will be asked on an SAT. They will also give you advice on how to score higher on the SAT. For example, they may advise that you answer the easy questions first so you can devote more time to the harder ones.

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