A Gift That Is Perfectly Suited For The Bird Observer/Teacher In Your Family

11 February 2020
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

If you have an ornithologist in your family and they take their bird observations seriously, you may often be stumped when it comes to finding a suitable gift for your loved one. Why not intertwine your family member's enjoyment of birds with their appreciation of freshly brewed coffee and tea? Purchase a bird watching mug and special treats to fill the mug. The gift item can be used while your relative is at home or when they are conducting studies and teaching sessions.

Purchase A Mug Or A Set That Features Bird Varieties

A bird watching mug can include a design that features bird varieties that are native to the region that your loved one resides in. Another option is to purchase an entire set of mugs, each with a unique design that encompasses bird varieties from a specific area. Include some mug designs that correlate to native species that are found on different continents, as well as mugs that feature birds that are native to the United States.

If you purchase a set of mugs, use them to represent an entire week. For instance, designate the first mug as Sunday's mug. Put a couple envelopes of cocoa or your loved one's favorite coffee variety inside of the mug. The next mug can be designated as Monday's mug. Place another beverage envelope inside of this mug.

Continue until you have filled all of the mugs. If you do not want to use drink mixes or coffee as the additions to the mugs, keep your gift-giving idea symbolic of the bird theme. Place a small bird figurine or stuffed animal inside of each mug, or purchase some small bird-watching booklets or pamphlets and place the materials inside of each mug.

Get Involved In Your Relative's Interest

Place the mugs inside of a sturdy box. Use packing materials to secure the mugs. Use themed paper to wrap the gift. After giving the gift to your loved one, take the time to get involved in their interest. If you have never explored bird varieties or if you tend to be busy and overlook much of what the outdoors has to offer, imagine how you may be inspired by learning more about native species that congregate in your neighborhood.

Ask your family member about some of the birds that are featured on the mugs, or request a one-on-one bird watching session, which involves spending time talking to your family member and using binoculars to observe the creatures as they fly, build nests, or take care of their young.